6 Things You Need to Do to Build Business Networks Through Meeting In Seminar, Events, Etc.

6 Things You Need to Do to Build Business Networks Through Meeting In Seminar, Events, Etc.
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What is your business activity at this time? Do you concentrate on online activities much more? Internet indeed changes the world, including business. However you should still have a good ability to build offline network, or build relationships with others directly, face-to-face with business associates. When your online business starts to rise to a higher level, then you must meet and face people directly by doing various activities such as meeting investors who want to invest in your workplace, presentation, following the seminar or events, negotiation, and lots more.

It all would require skill to be able to make others know and even remember you, because the business networking is not just about whom you know, but more about who knows you. Following the seminar/events is a pretty good way to build the network. There's always a collaboration happens, either after you filled out a seminar or participated in it.

That every seminar you attended could provide benefits for the quality of your networking, there are some preparations you should do:

1. Business cards.

When introducing ourselves to people in the first meeting, we would not have sent him to find our identity on the internet, right? It is way less polite, and business card is still essential today. You can also provide a business card scanner app on your phone that can be directly integrated with a contact number in your phone. This needs to be done so you do not bother having received a lot of cards.

2. Research

If you want to build a network with a conference speaker, do some research first. We can search it online such as via Google. Note all the things which are important and unique about him/her. When it was time for you to meet and get acquainted with him/her, the conversation will run smoothly because you already know his / her identity and what needs to be discussed.

3. Improve your social networking accounts.

It is very common case when you are acquainted with someone, then he / she often starts to find your identity via internet, either your Twitter or Facebook account. Therefore, complete your account profile so that the people easily associate you with the business.

4. Appearance is important.

What did you do before buying a book? Yes, certainly looking at the cover and read the title. The phrase "do not judge a book by its cover" does not apply to those who want to build a business network. Unless you've known by a lot of people with a particular performance style. For example Bob Sadino, an Indonesian famous businessman, has the hallmark of a slightly eccentric but unique, Bob always wears shorts wherever he goes and with whomever he met, even with government officials. But if you are not yet widely known to people, you should not look haphazard. Good appearance is way to honor others who are interacting with you.

5. Remember the name.

Train yourself to remember the names of others. If you get acquainted with other people and you do not hear him/her name clearly, it is okay to ask him / her to repeat it again, it's better than you meet him again on other occasion but you forget it.

6. Follow up.

Do not expect a great cooperation will occur directly in your first meeting. The key to building good networking is follow up: contact him/her back after the first meeting ended. Time to do follow up can be done in a few hours or a day after the meeting / event. Follow up is easy to do via online (Twitter, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, Line, etc .). Do not make a call at night because it can interfere with him / her break and privacy.

Those are six things you need to do to build networks through the meeting in seminar, events, or elsewhere. Optimize your ability to build the networks, because the value of a network in a seminar / events are often much higher than its attendance cost. (Fikry Fatullah)

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