Facebook Personal Account and Fan Page, Plus 3 Much More Important Things to Sell Your Product

Facebook personal account and fan page, plus 3 much more important things to sell your product
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I'm sorry that I've received so many questions from many people and I am confused about what I'm supposed to answer which is able to reach almost all of your concerns. So, I need a lot of time to think about this. I am also grateful to all you who have supported BillionaireStore and support myself during this time. Okay, no more fuss, I will discuss a question that is very commonly asked. This question came from a person named Sahriuni, "How optimal we use for selling, Facebook personal account or fan page? And is there any tips for selling using it?"

I got this question a lot on the Facebook fan page, Twitter and Blackberry messenger.

Let’s discuss in general first. Why are there many people who do selling on Facebook? The main answer is sure because there are so many Facebook users in the world (Facebook said the number of people who use it at least monthly grew 13% to 1.49 billion in the three months to the end of June, 2015). We can certainly imagine that this is a big number for the online world. And we believe, Facebook users will continue to grow over time. For some people who are good at seeing this as an opportunity, those users could be a very lucrative market.

Well, after knowing it, we are facing two options: using Facebook personal account, or fan page? What do you think? In my opinion, using personal account or fan page, both can be used to sell, just how we use it. And according to my own, using both medias would be more effective.

For example, a Facebook personal account is for your own purposes (privacy), and fan page is for selling (commercial), but you can invite a lot of people (including your friends) to like your fan page, it means your personal account is for (soft) selling too, you use it to promote the page. Regardless of it all, the most important is how you treat your customers on Facebook and how you promote your product appropriately.

Have you ever seen in your Facebook newsfeed or in your home/timeline tab, there are a lot of people or commercial/shopping accounts who do selling all the time. They keep selling during the morning, afternoon, evening, and even night. Are you annoyed? For me, I am. Because in my opinion, they don’t do it smartly, that’s not a good way to sell the products.

1. SHARE first, then SELL

Once, Dewa Eka Prayoga have ever said, "Share first, then sell." It means you have to educate your target market first, you have to share or tell or give knowledge about the benefits of your product to them. Do not sell directly, hold on. I’m sure, you personally won’t like anyone who always sell constantly toward you, moreover I believe that people in this world, not only were born as manufacturers, but also were born as consumers. For example, when you have trouble sleeping and want something comfortable to sleep, you won’t care what kind of good is to get as long as it can make you sleep comfortably and peacefully, and of course you definitely buy it. Another one, people do not want a shampoo but want something to get rid of dandruff in the hair, right?


That the proper way to sell. Concentrate to the benefits and not to the brand. Make your target market know precisely what the benefits of your product, do not ever get bored and tired to convey the benefits of your products and provide education to them, and of course, do it in a creative and informative ways.


One more thing that is not less important, namely interaction. How can you know what the people need if you do not interact with them on Facebook? Give them a question, greet them and say hello, or at least give a talk about topics that are popular at the time as your discussion material. Share and discuss with your target market even the topic is not related to the product you are selling to. The interaction is useful to bring you closer to your audience/market. (Bung Billy, Owner of BillionaireStore)

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