Go Bankrupt! 16 Tips for Business, an entrepreneurship seminar

Go Bankrupt! 16 Tips for Business, an entrepreneurship seminar
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An entrepreneurship seminar celebrated by IIBF (Indonesian Islamic Business Forum) February 2016 was presenting the former CEO of Indonesian newspaper publisher, Jawa Pos Group, Dahlan Iskan

He started to speak in front of the crowded audience. He said he would not advise young people because they usually do not want it. So Dahlan asked whether there were participants who never went bankrupt five times. Then, there are seven people went up the stage (four men and three women) who never broke five times. Dahlan said to the audience, “I will not teach you anything, but they, they who will teach all of you today.” 

Before he questioned them one by one, Dahlan prayed and hope all seminar participants quickly went bankrupt of their business, because bankrupt is a need, it is very important.How come?

Notes on the interview between Dahlan and the audience

  1. Focus on only one business. Do not be busy outside your business core. Do not look at me (Dahlan) who is now taking care of businesses. But look at me in the first 10 years taking care of Jawa Pos. Dahlan, for 10 years, was just thinking about Jawa Pos and leave at 7 am and go home at 2 in the morning.
  2. A boss should be able to run his own business. So that he can do it even though the employees leave.
  3. Write 5 things that threaten your business bankrupted. Starting from the most threatening. Just write it down although you might forget it.
  4. Smile is the first, second and third lessons. Smile is the smallest form of optimism.
  5. Weaknesses 1: Being dissolve. Being Sincere and dissolve are different, do not misplace it. Example, someone owe you but you are embarrassed to collect it.
  6. Weaknesses 2: Unprofessional, or can not distinguish between blood relations with business dealings. This is related to a business which is run by family member.
  7. Remember: True business is to use other people's money, not your own money.
  8. Small entrepreneurs or startup who are grumbling about capital issue, then he is not a true entrepreneur.
  9. Willpower is like a lump of gold. One is pure, the other is little pure, and even there is not pure at all (fake).
  10. You can see everywhere, that business is business. It is sometimes down, and sometimes up, then down again, then up again, and so on. that is entrepreneur.
  11. You should have a mate (husband/wife) who will accompany you in any condition, happy and hard.
  12. if we lose when doing business, then we must be introspective. Do not complain or even blame others. Find your advantages which are not shared by competitors.
  13. Trust level 1: People have to believe and admit that we have the will.
  14. Trust level 2: We believe that we can prove it. It is about "can" or "can not". It must be proved by deeds, not just words.
  15. If you want to be a businessman, do not think about the government. If you want a developed country, people must advance first, whether there is government or no government that would help. If all people have developed, then the state would be forced to go forward, although the government does not want to.
  16. Do not worry about Asean Economic Community (AEC). Thinkers wrote about them selves, and we need these 5-times bankrupted formers to face the AEC, because they already proved unruly.
Those are very powerful tips from Dahlan for businesss in the seminar. What do you think? Please leave a comment bellow if you have another additional one.

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