Help First Money Will Follow, the Relationship Between Charity and Business

Help First Money Will Follow,the Relationship Between Charity and Business
Help First Money Will Follow

There are things I want to share with you. This is not about ways to increase revenue or how you raise your business. This time I will talk about introspection.

Yes, introspection.
I am writing this not only for you, but also for my self. Have you ever thought, for what I am working? For what I am willing to work up? Never felt getting tired even doing it overtime? For what I wake up in the morning and return late at night to slam the bones? I am sure your answer is this: MONEY, right?!

Okay, if you want a lot of money, and when you have it, what will you do after that? Buying anything you want? Okay, just buy a motorcycle! Buy the latest cell phone! Or, buy a car! If it is still lacking, you might want to get a house. So what? Once you have done it all, then what? Are you satisfied? Are you happy?


But you know, that happiness and satisfaction you have when buying things with your money, it's all just temporary. Because human nature is never satisfied. Greedy for something. Always want more and more. Want more money, want more homes. More, more and more.

Do you realize, if you're looking for money as if you're thirsty, but actually you're drinking sea water, do you realize? The more you drink, the more you feel thirsty. You will never stop.

Have you ever heard a short story of a grandfather who volunteered to distribute food (rice dumplings) for people in need? All you need to know is that Grandpa is not rich people. The money he used to buy the rice came from the results of his teaching (to the children in the school). What made him do it? Did anyone pay him? No. He willingly did it all.

Let us ponder. Are we really happy if we could buy anything we like while many people around us who still need our help? Can we really be happy if we know there are people whose lives are still shortcomings in around us? If you still can be happy with such a situation, is your happiness that cheap? If we can make others happy, then we are getting helpful for the world. So we are, people, not like a piece of meat that can see, hear, walk and then die without giving something.

I believe, you all have surely already feel the magic of charity. We give something, but surprisingly, it even increased our sustenance. God is the Supreme Good.

Again, I am not being a motivator, I just want to share, and to invite everyone doing introspection, because sometimes we may forget it.

Help Others First, Then God Will Help You

After you read this, I really hope we can help the people around us. It can be started with the small thing. For example, if your employees are lifting stuffs, help them! Carry it! Or if we have food, give it to the people around you. My mother often told me when I was child, "If you see trash when you walk, take it, and then throw in the proper place (trash can)."

And the easiest thing that you can do is to start the day with smiling to anyone and bring a passion for the people in your business, in your working environment. Remember: help first, money will follow. Go on, start smiling now :)
-Billy BillionaireStore

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