How to Create a Great & Efficient Mastermind Group, 9 Important Things to Know

How to Create a Great & Efficient Mastermind Group
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In Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, I have a mastermind group discussion named “Mampir Ngombe", the term is taken from the jargon of "life is just a moment for a drink". It is just a reminder that we live in this world is only temporary. Yes, only transient, very briefly, like people dropping into the rest area for a drink and then off again (towards eternity, another life after death).

My mastermind group consists only 6 people, all of them have businesses in the creative industries. I am the last member, no more additional members, because too many members is not a mastermind group but a common gathering. Besides me, there is Arief Budiman (CEO Petakumpet Advertising), Andika DJ (CEO of Syafaat Marcom), Ismail Sukribo (Kompas Daily Cartoonist), Affi Krishna (BMC Advertising / president of Pinasthika) and Yazied Syafa'at (Owner of Srengenge Advertising).

We gather mostly in an uncertain time, sometimes a month or two months, but we often share information every day via WhatsApp. In each meeting, we always make it as a venue for discussion and exchange stories. Sometimes filled with knowledge, sometimes just chit-chat that made us laugh. But the concept of this mastermind is to search and share knowledges which hidden from the stories that each member experienced.

We have only 24 hours a day. It’s sometimes even felt not enough. So we must learn from others. The members have a lot of different experience in different time and place.

Do you want to create a mastermind group? 9 things you should know:


1. The group member must be restricted, a maximum of 6 people.

Trust me. Because if it’s too many members, then the discussion will run out of focus.

2. Members can consist of people with the same field of business with others.

For example, create a mastermind consisting of the culinary business owner, or all have the agricultural field, travel services, propert, etc. So the discussion is focused and synchronized.

3. Mastermind members may also be selected from the different fields of business.

For example, a mastermind group contains many different kinds of people: the culinary business, services, fashion, etc. But one thing to note, make a deal since the beginning: the vision and rules. For example, each member gets a business presentation every monthly-meeting.

4. Choose members who are acceptable to each other in the group.

Make a selection of the members from the beginning and do not accept directly. There are people who may have a character that could make other members feel unpleasant. It can interfere with the spirit of the other members to be present in every meeting. Do selecting every member.

5. Avoid this two things: debt and business competition in member.

Do not damage the relationship in a mastermind group with debt affairs or business competition between members. It will make your group destroyed. Convey it to the members, and make it as a rule. Any member who violates, will be issued.

6. Respect other members. Don’t be selfish.

All members have the opportunity to speak, and when one person is talking, the other should listen. Stay away from the debate, because it will only make you tired with no solution, even it is able to trigger your group disbanded.

7. Meeting can be held once a month.

For example going around in places that belong to each member, could be in the home or workplace. We've ever gathered while having maghrib and isya prayers in a Masjid in Kotabaru-Jogja, then we continued to chat until 10 pm.

8. Help member’s problem.

If any member having difficulties, help him / her together. This is one thing thatstrengthens mastermind group, both in employment and financial terms. For example, if someone is sick, just do collecting donations from group members for him/her.

9. Have a group of more than one? No problem.

It’s okay to join in some mastermind groups, as long as you have a good time managing.

In every meeting with my group, I always seek knowledge of what they carry today. I positioned myself as a good listener to absorb their knowledge or learn of the unexpected.

One night, we gathered in Tengkleng Hohah (the name of a restaurant). We shared experiences. Arief showed several projects that he was working on his iPhone 6 Plus. After we finished, we walked out into the parking lot, the iPhone suddenly fell on the hard floor. "Craaaack!" It sounded terrifying. I spontaneously said, "Wow! An expensive devise has just gone."

But, Arief took it with a relaxed expression, and said, "Easy, Bro. It's just a scratched iPhone, that's common, as long as not of our faith (in God) who fell and scratched, right? We will not bring this devise iPhone after death, but the faith,, we need it. "I was speechless to hear that. What a strong statement from my friend. Knowledge comes from anywhere, like an unexpected moment. Go mastermind! See You! (Saptuari, a successful Indonesian businesss man)

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