How to Do Online Marketing, Today’s Business Strategy

How to Do Online Marketing, Today’s Business Strategy
The function of the internet today has changed drastically. The Internet is used not only for the means to find information, but also to carry out marketing activities, and this we call as online marketing. What are the benefits and importance in the online world as it is now? 

Content Marketing Institute gave us great lessons. Content marketing is a marketing strategy approach that focuses on the manufacture and development of valuable content, relevant, and consistent to attract and maintain audience or targeted market pricesely, in the end it will encourage them (consumers) to buy or give a specific profit.

Content Marketing is not a promotional content, but content that is useful and relevant information required by the user. Thus, content marketing is a way to communicate with prospects, without selling. Instead, your goal is to make customers more intelligent and aware, so that they will respond with confidence and loyalty in the future.

Currently, content marketing is a great asset in the online world, and become a great tool to approach potential customers and build loyalty until they are ready to buy your product. But do not do it separately and independent of each other is a common strategy. This is just one of the many alternatives digital marketing which can be used in conjunction with SEO, social media, email marketing and much more. If it's like this, content marketing efforts should also be in harmony with all of your company's marketing strategy.

What types of content marketing that we know? 

There are four main categories:

1. Social: Such as blog posts, tweets, updates status, etc.
2. Online: Newsletter, e-book, whitepaper, infographic, etc.
3. Paper: Brochures, publications.
4. Multimedia: Explainer video, images, slideshows, etc.

Among the four categories, multimedia plays a key role in marketing strategies. This type of content is able to capture audience attention and increase their involvement in a way that not many people do. Talking about the multimedia, explainer video is one of the most interesting and convincing that you can have and do. Even explainer video is a tool that can provide the best benefits in investment.

What do you think? Give a comment if you have other idea. Hopefully this article can be useful for you, marketing agent / staff and other business owners. Stay up to date! Stay online what is happening and will happen next, so then you will understand what the strategy (which may be new) that can be applied in terms of marketing your product / business. Good luck!

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