Doing Business in the Digital Age, Learning Copywriting

Doing Business in the Digital Age, Learning Copywriting
Learning Copywriting

Modern technology, a.k.a digital age, lately has a big impact in us (people). It has changed such as our behavior in daily life, the behavior of communicating, meeting daily needs. Therefore, our business activities should continue to grow and keep up with the behavior changes.

This time, I will explain about the major changes in business behavior that occurs. That what was formerly a strength, may now no longer be of significance.
  • In the past, to open a clothing store, a person in need of funds to acquire a strategic place. Now, with a capital of digital platform on the web or social networking, one could build a digital store. The next key is how he was able to generate a digital traffic to the platform.
  • In the past, a person must have the capital to buy merchandise stocks. But now, so many manufacturers are ready to partner with resellers, either by commission or dropship consignment system.
  • In the past, to build a distribution channel, a brand must establish a marketing network throughout the country. Not just a matter of time, it takes capital (which is not little) to build a distribution network. But now, in a week, you may already have thousands of distribution partners. They exist digitally and are ready to cooperate with you.
  • In the past, those who have a source of supply of products, they can win the competition. In other words, (only) you know the manufacturer. But in this open (digital/information) era, what you sell can be searched by others, and they can quickly search for alternative suppliers too.
  • In the past, you need a large capital and funds to do branding or marketing into your market. You need money and a long time to introduce your brand to the public. But with the advancement of digital communications like today, you can do so cheaply through social networking (viral posts), or hundreds of thousands of paid advertising in social networking though.

Those are some things I think we need to realize. There are many revolutions business behavior that occurs.
  • I would like to invite you to get in on the next stage of thinking.
  • If the advanced technology makes easy to everyone, then who will win the competition?
  • If everyone could sell a product that is equally good, what advantages do we have to create?
  • If the services that you and your competitors provide are equally good, what kind of strategy you will do to make the market choose yours?
  • If all competitors can enter the distribution channels, and the products are sold equally, on which point / section we can compete?
In my opinion, the answer is copywriting.

Learning Copywriting

The pattern of today's digital business processes make us fight on the content of communication. At this time, we fight through the audio-visual digital platform. A content marketing and selling not only be attractive, but it also had to move people to buy. Let me give you an illustration:

If there are two online merchants selling herbs for fitness, which one would you choose:

First Merchants:
"We Sell Yemen Honey which can make you fit, contact us: 08080xxxxx"

Or, the second merchant:
"Do you feel tired quickly? 
Do you quickly become 'sluggish' when you are having sex with your wive?
Do you want to make 'yours' erect / stand much longer?
We have the answer: Yemen Honey. Contact us 08080xxxxx"

I'm not one of them :) it's just an example.

Okay, I wonder, if the two traders were selling the same product, through the same channels, which one would you choose? Happy learning copywriting. (by Rendy Saputra, CEO of KeKe Group)

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