How to Get Highly Engaged Employee (Part 2), Strengthening the Bond with “Meaning”

How to Get Highly Engaged Employee, Strengthening the Bond with “Meaning”
Highly Engaged Employee
As continuation of the first interrelated article about Determine the Level of Business Team, I will continue the discussion about how to build highly engaged employees. For those of you who have not read the previous article, please read the second interrelated article: How to Get Highly Engaged Employee.

Okay, let’s continue. The fourth way to strengthen their hearts engagement is understanding of the “meaning” what they are doing. Every businessperson should have a “positive meaning” to what they do.

What does your work means?

A mortgage company in the US was experiencing a crisis. The company found it difficult to continue their operating section for their lack of funds and no longer able to pay for the company's operations. Miraculously, 800 employees chose to work 11 months without being paid a penny. They were willing to get the payment delayed.

That story is like a fairy tale story, it is almost impossible to happen, but when the Jim Collins’s researchers interviewed them, most of them said the same thing, "Our company is a company that provides housing for residents of the United States. We do not just bring home but we clearly bring happiness to every family who can finally have a home. There are tens of thousands of families who have had homes through the support of our company. We could not stop. It's not about our salaries, it's about the struggle for the happiness of others."

The statement was very touching and inspiring, right? That's interpretation of “meaning”. There is something besides just fighting for money and profits. And this strengthens the team’s bond with the company.

In 2012 through 2013, I built a training and seminar business organization named Sentra Inspira. A company that decides to hire the team if there is a project produced. However, each team working professionally to build a project.

We expect something higher than just money. We want Sentra Inspira be a source of goodness for the people. Everyone who participated our training and seminars, they must bring and give positive impacts to the participants. No less than a couple of my teams worked almost 24 hours. I remember clearly that time, there was nothing to complain, none of them look pale, instead we always close our project with emotion and we cried happily. Until today, the alumni of Sentra Inspira are the ones which are very militant in organization. I thank God, for togetherness that has existed with them.

If someone ever schedule a meeting with me, then he will find my schedule which is open from 08.00 am. till 11.00 pm.. If there are some friends outside of town that once accompanied me getting around to fill the seminar, they will find my schedule contains 5 events in a day. The committee often asked me what supplements I consume. I am at a loss to answer because I do not use any supplements. Perhaps because the “meaning”, that makes me able to pass everything.

For me, becaming directors in Keke Group is a devotion. It's about hundreds of tailors who work in. It's about the hundreds of sales teams are constantly moving. It's about the customers who always accompany. It's about national moslem fashion market. So the work is not just about me and companies. Work is devotion.

When I attended to a place, I interpreted it as God’s will who allowed and facilitated me by giving plane tickets, accommodation services in hotel and all the costs involved. Hence I have to pay it with great value: always try to be useful for people. I should keep being helpful. That’s why I keep forcing myself to be used by the organizers and participants of the seminar.

Strengthening the Bond with “Meaning”

The next question. As a business owner, are you able to interpret your business processes? If you are not able to do it, how would your team do? Does your business have a positive meaning to people's lives? Does your business only mobilize money without producing any benefit? If you have been able to manage your business process, have you put the “meaning” in it? Have you been doing the educational process of “meaning” to your employees?

Finally, we are all aware that presenting Highly Engaged team is not like waiting for the rain fell from the sky. Happy working. Please like and share this article if you find it helpful! Have a great day :) (by Rendy Saputra, CEO of KeKe Group)

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