How to Get Highly Engaged Employee, Important Things to Understand

How to Get Highly Engaged Employee, Important Things to Understand
Highly Engaged Employee
Beforehand, I recommend you to read the first interrelated article about Determine the Level of Business Team. Yes, it is well known that the growing companies are those who have the greater number of "highly engaged employees" than the other groups. In other words, the company is not only populated by "okay employees", it is more powerful than "okay". Then the questions are:
  • What makes someone want to work beyond what he gets?
  • What makes him choose to contribute themselves to the maximum value?
  • What makes a person become loyal to a business organization?
Hope this article helps you to understand.

Through my experience in KeKe Group and some observations on clients I ever handled, at least there are some points that make someone become “highly engaged”. Some of the points that I mentioned after this not a fixed thing which can not be changed / added because there may be some variables or other factors that I have not listed.

Important Things to Understand

1. Aware of Choosing

A “highly engaged employees” is those who are aware that their presence on the company is due to their own decisions. So they chose a conscious and aware of the consequences. They realize that they are applying for a job, then they worked and be paid. They are aware that they have to contribute to the organization which they’ve chosen. However unwittingly, some of the employees did not realize that this work is their own choice. They work in the compulsion, work in a bad mood. They are low motivation and even become a source of problems.

Funnily enough, this group does not also chose to resign from work, whatever was on their minds. On the one hand, they still want to get a salary but they are not so sincere to contribute. Typically, these unconscious choices present in a company group that has unclear recruitment patterns. Everyone comes and accepted easily without doing the test / selection. They do not feel selecting and applying. So, it is good if you do a re-confirmation to your team, whether this company is their choice? Otherwise, it was already clear answer, right?

2. Building the Organization, not Building the Owner

A business should be run and raised for the good of the business organization itself. When we talk about growing the business, we should talk about growing the business itself, both in capital, product, market to human resources (HR). But there are some businesses that were busy beautifying the owner. Achievement of the business has always claimed to be the owner achievement, and growth of the company is always only affect the personal lives of the owner, without any impact to the life of the team. This is the problem.

Someone will be bonded firmly when raising the organization's mission is greater than raising private owner. A business owner must show that the interests of the organization must take precedence over personal life.

Some are asking me why I am loyal to the owner of KeKe Group. They are actually wrong. Neither I nor KeKe people, we feel loyal to the organization. We are enlarging the Organization. This was exemplified by the owner, he chose to further invest into human resources, to the wings of growth. Those things are preferable although they actually can enjoy the funds themselves (personally). But not so. At this point, the owner must convince all members of the team that the planned business growth is not for personal but for the organization.

3. Feeling Grow

The third way is to make the employees feel grow. How to make them feel it in terms of personal qualities, thinking capacity, networking, and gaining benefits. Without “growth”, a person will taste “death”, and this is not recognized by business leaders at various scales. Allowing employees work without growing is a fatal error.

I will continue to explain the next important points on How to Get Highly Engaged Employee, Strengthening the Bond with “Meaning”. (by Rendy Saputra, CEO of KeKe Group)

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