What is Employee Engagement? How to Determine the Level of Business Team

What is Employee Engagement? How to Determine the Level of Business Team
What is Employee Engagement?
Business is all about teamwork. “Good To Great” by Jim Collins explained that a chief executive officer (CEO) who is classified as a leader of “great company” always put the word "we" in every action of the business. Because the right CEO will understand that business performance is not the achievement of his (one person), but the achievements belong to all (the employees, the team).

So let’s move to the following questions:
  • What makes a team can achieve good performance?
  • What makes a team member want to work optimally for the organization?
  • What makes them able to survive long in an organization?
One answer is the quality of engagement: the quality of a person's bond with the organization.

Employee Engagement Levels

At least, team / employees engagement divided into 3 levels:

1. Actively Disengaged

In this level, the team has hearts that are not inherent to the business organization. Although the members were paid, they did not feel that it was fair and fit for them. This level of team is usually called as a trouble maker, has lower performance and be a bad influence on the other team members. Surprisingly, the group has not decided to resign from work but continues to be a parasite in the organization. Hopefully your organization avoids being like this.

2. Engaged

The second group are those who feel bound and responsible to the organization. They are aware that the salary they received requires them to provide the same value. They do their jobs well. But the weakness is, this group just stops at the "okay employees" level. They do not try to give more. They measure their contribution to the organization. So it simply says, "I will contribute what the organization has given me." This group is good. But the company wants to become a great company. So it is not enough just to have "good employees", but must have "great employees".

3. Highly Engaged

This third group is like a group of samurai in a business organization. Their souls, bodies, and minds are merged in business organization. The group has a loyalty exceeding the average and is willing to sacrifice more for the organization. This group is no longer thinking about the salary as its contribution parameter. The commitment for the business is powerful from the heart. They are ready to contribute beyond what they get (salary). This group used to decorate the companies that continue to grow and develop. Behind a great company, there is samurai who keep fighting and struggling.

Those three kinds of employees are not fixed. Employees may change, and are able to climb from one level to the higher one. So keep educating them that they grow to the top, Highly Engaged. How to improve their engagement? What should we do to make them feel attached and loyal to the business / organization? How to keep the team constantly able to have huge energy to work for a long time? I will explain it in the next article: How to Get Highly Engaged Employee, Important Things to Understand. (by Rendy Saputra, CEO of KeKe Group)

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