Business Leadership | Enforce The System

Business Leadership | Enforce The System
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There is interesting thing from the infographic above. Apparently, systems and procedures only affected 5% of the rise and fall of businesses. While in the first position, leadership and management proved to have 38% impact on the growth and development of the organization. Then followed by human resource (employee) who had 34% impact. Hopefully the following explanation may help you, the business people, either already established or are still seeking ways (startup).

I obviously started to step in business since the beginning of 2012. At that point I just stepped to understand the business with a true and fair rules. I am grateful to God to save me.

In early 2012, I began my career as a business counselor. My clients are business owners of SMEs. I help clients to understand how to run their business and help them find the root of the problem in their respective organizations.

During 2012 to 2013, I was simply touching the idea and strategy cases. The most distant, I entered into the system, and the rest, of course I'm no longer involved because I am just an external person whom they pay me to see them from the "outside".

In January 2014, I began to be appointed as CEO. I forgot that one element of the acronym CEO is “Executive”, which meant that I had to enter the realm of execution. And,, booom!! It's very different to what I did before. Hehe.

Business Leadership | Enforce The System

Enforce The System 

In the past, I just came and exchanged ideas, then I pounded great ideas and strategies. Now I have to implement my strategies I pounded, with the existing budget, and with the human resources available. And I felt this was much different.

This is where I understand that the system would only be a system if it can not be executed. Vision and mission will only be something that is "nice to have" if it could not be realized in action. The strategy will only be "a tiger on paper", only roaring loud when read, but did not feel the ground.

Throughout 2014 I was “off stage”, I quit from the world of social media and forced to add new "DNA" inside me: executor. At this point I realized that the system should be enforced. Every thing which is planned has to be implemented and the process has to be maintained, monitored, scrutinized if there is something that is not appropriate. If not already done, we must look for the point of the problem, in which the barriers, such as what is the solution.

I do not regret a strategic consultant DNA that is attached to me. Because it makes me able to see all the things holistically, from production to finance, from marketing to selling, and from human resources to networking. I love that all. But apparently, being that smart is not enough. Farther away from smart in idea, you should be hard on the execution. You should insist on implementation.

I like to educate first-tier ring belongs to me, that if there is a thing that hinder the execution, you have to continue to hit, to be aggressive and to enforce the systems. That “believe” is applied by me in my company, KeKe Group.

I talked with my friend Syahrul, an ex member of Rumah Zakat (RZ). We met in Makassar. He gave positive testimony of how CEO of RZ, Nur Efendi, was a very tight in execution.

When undergoing a career in RZ, for only installing a fair / exhibition stand, he called the team of up to three or four times just to ensure the execution. No wonder RZ is great, because they have a high execution culture.

Syahrul said to his team, "How's it going? Have you come across the show?"
Not for a long time, he asked again, "Are you already in?"
Not long after that, "Has the stand already attached? Could you take a snap of it for me?"

I was amazed to hear his story, and this is called "Enforce The Systems”. This is a part of the leadership and management.

Business Leadership | Enforce The System
Entrepreneurs, it's time for you to reassess the strength of execution in your team. Do you have a leader who is able to enforce the systems today? Or so far, you only have a smart manager in the analysis, but blunt in strategy?

If you're being part of a business organization, be thankful if you have a leader who is chatty, lot of movements and wants. You should be grateful if your leader is able to live up to midnight in the chat group of your company only to stake memos for tomorrow. You should be grateful if your leader is always watching the CCTV, in order to ensure the operational walks in truth. -Rendy Saputra

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