The Attitude in Coaching and Mentoring | Business Success

The Attitude in Coaching and Mentoring | Business Success
Running a business is like entering a forest. We sometimes do not know how to break through. In fact we often do not understand what we face. This situation makes us motivated to ask and learn from “teachers”: looking for coach, finding mentor or choosing role model.

Business is a multidisciplinary process. When we run the business properly, then we are actually encouraged to learn many things. Although it need not much, but at least we understand it enough. Anyway, it makes us need the teachers (coaches, mentors).

My experience in KeKe Group too. Running a business in the fashion field, we are encouraged to know the science of production, supply chain, marketing, distribution, warehouse management system, people management, digital approach, graphic design, pattern fashion, finance plan, tax even legal problems.

My experience that company also has something to do with the learning process. Running that business (a clothing company), we are encouraged to know the science of production, supply chain, marketing, distribution, warehouse management system, people management, digital approach, graphic design, pattern fashion, finance, tax, even legal cases.

That’s what we call business. We are forced to learn continuously. This is the cause we need teachers in our business.

Types of Business Coaches

On the field, I found a phenomenon that does not fit. I notices that there is not a wise attitude towards business coaches. This is what prompted me to write this. In my opinion, there are several types of business coach, each has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the results of categorization I do:

1. The coaches who are experienced businesses significantly

The Attitude in Coaching and Mentoring | Business Success

We ever hear the phrase "learn from the experienced teacher". That is true, but still there is less and excess. Business coaches who have significantly experienced, it would be more depth to explore and share their feelings. They understand what you feel because they also underwent the same thing. Such as difficulty in finding clients, the severity of the financial burden, and other problems in business.

A figure who've run the business would be a great mentor for you in term of strengthening the mental and quotes of wisdom. His tips are also often powerful, because he’s experienced enough. But there are things that are not recognized by us, as “students”. A coach who run a business significantly, is closely tied to the business model that he run. For example, our coach is a palm businessman.

Oil is a commodity. The task for the business is how to be successful in growing palm oil, be productive and then ensure supply to the market. The business process is very focused on how to bring productive oil fields. While the sales process has been automated. The market is wide open. But it was, when the oil price was high.

So if you are asking about packaging to him (the coach: the palm businessman), he will be confused because he did not understand it, unless he is selling oil derivative products such as cooking oil, then maybe he'll understand about packaging. So you should not grumble and say, "I did not get anything from him, what he taught completely unrelated to what I asked." That is totally wrong because you asked what he was not experienced in.

Similarly, if you learn from people who is expert in the field of animal husbandry business. You will face different cases. Or you meet someone expert in the field of fashion. His way of talking and his objective will be different again.

The goal of cattle breeders is to produce healthy and quality, so that the market wants to buy it. The goal of fashion businessman can be different, that the most important thing is the perception of beauty, not the product first. Therefore, in the fashion business, the unsold clothes could be sold rapidly with re-photographing way. Strange, isn’t it? Different businesses, different treatment. It’s all depending on to whom you are learning.

So, did you get it? If you are learning from people who are actually doing business, you should be ready to meet with business logic he used, according the business that he concentrates.

By the way, the teacher / coach of this type is very rare to encounter. This type of people even rarely "down the mountain" to give his knowledge to those who want to plunge into the business with him. They sometimes like to offend jokingly, "Why would I jump in and take care that low-level business? It’s difficult, tiring, you know. I better take care of my own business." This is for real. I myself have ever heard. Therefore, if there is significantly-experienced businessman who wants to take the time to share his knowledge, you have to really thank and appreciate him. Do not criticize.

2. The coaches who have the expertises

The Attitude in Coaching and Mentoring | Business Success

We probably often hear someone saying, "don’t learn business from someone who doesn’t do business." In my opinion, people who talked like that really do not know what business actually is. I learned the management of retail stores from a former professional multinational retail. He never had a retail store, but he had a great knowledge. This is expertise.

I also learned about taxation (we know, the tax is part of the business process). Again, I learned it from a figure who never had a business / company.

I also learned about building a brand from a brand consultant. He is an expert in such matter.

So, there are business coaches who have expertise only in coaching businessmen, without having a business / company. I think it does not matter, the main thing is what he teaches has positive impacts on your business, right? That’s what coaching institutions do. Like it or not, in fact, they have been coaching businessmen to manage the system, to grow, to face and solve the trouble.

When I was a student once, in college, I had a professor of drilling but he never did the drilling activity. But impressively, almost all the problems of drilling in my country always refer and asked to him. He is very expert. Awesome!

I am sad to know my friends in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) underestimate the coaches of this second type. Indeed, the coaches are never doing any business in real life, but their expertise is really needed by us. Moreover, the activity of coaching they do is their own real business, right? So, do not ask and hope they can guide your business completely because it needs different expertises to completely discuss. If you need a mentor who coaches emotionally, then choose the first type of coach.

3. The coaches who have nothing

The Attitude in Coaching and Mentoring | Business Success

I do not hide the fact that there are several figures who have high confidence, no expertise, no experience, but they present to coach. That's what I mean by “nothing”, empty, no experience in a real business and not also have expertise in coaching. Is that such a shame?

For this third type, you should never try to belittle or deride them, because although they were "empty" today is not necessarily "empty" tomorrow. We will never know how their growths in the future. Just simply take what is good from them and understand their shortcomings.

About nine years ago, I was one stage with a young speaker. I was shocked and felt sad. What he said at the seminar was the result of a 100% copy-paste from his coach. From the way he spoke, I was very aware that he did not understand what he said. But now I meet him, he's simply differ greatly. His ability grows amazingly. I applaud, and I learned from my stance nine years ago. I feel guilty because I underestimated him that time. I hope you do not repeat my mistake.

Change Your Attitude

I invite you, the entrepreneurs and businessmen, to be wise to all business “teachers” you have. We must be the person who always assume good faith, and always take all that is good. We must be patient for any shortcomings we encountered, without reproach.

There are coaches who really understand the business and get down to the field to educate the SMEs. There are coaches who want to jump into the field, but his wife is actually the one who run the business, it’s because he is a figure whose role is to perform in front. There are teachers who are experts in the field, but weak in other areas. There are even coaches who try to tell things they don’t actually understand so that it becomes chaotic. In spite of it all, we have to take what is good from every coaches we meet. You have to be patient, rather than scorn. Nothing wrong with learning and increasing network from anyone, right?

The principle we must uphold as an entrepreneurs is, that the knowledge and insight can come from anyone, as long as it is able to bring a great impact for our business. If there are things you do not agree with our coaches, just discuss. If in the end you feel uncomfortable, the just leave. Hopefully we meet many great coaches / mentors and they are able to help us develop our business and bring us towards greatness. -Rendy Saputra, CEO of KeKe Group

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