Types of Entrepreneur | Renew Your Mind

Types of Entrepreneur | Renew Your Mind
In business, there is an important asset that you must know. What is that? You will probably guess that the answers are assets of property, MBA or PhD degree, or inheritance from a rich father (Rich Dad)? No, that's not what I mean.

The most important asset turns something that we get from birth, and this asset is generally owned by all humans because humans are the most perfect creature in the universe. Remarkably, this asset can provide you unlimited wealth, and regardless of whether you are born from very poor families (Poor Dad). This is called the intellectual asset, namely MIND. Remarkably, only human who
has a sense that can think and choose freely. Human beings are more powerful than other creatures.

Long time ago, the majority of the company's assets consist of tangable assets, and we know, the business must have assets of plant, machinery, equipment, or a piece of land. Talking about business in this digital age, nearly 90% of the value of a company are in their intellectual asset. We can see the successful companies such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, eBay. Those companies are worth
Multi Million Dollar. And for Nike Company, he did not even have a factory, he only sell ideas and systems.

So actually, you have an asset called mind, similar to what is owned by Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff bezos, Jack Ma, etc. We often hear that many successful entrepreneurs start a business without any capital (money), and even some of them start with debt or loss (although it is not recommended). In fact, their business can grow rapidly although the stories behind them are often said "I am starting business with nothing”.

That's the beauty of intellectual asset, it can change from “zero” to “superhero". The first thing in this lesson is, you should immediately wake up and realize that you actually have the greatest asset of all the time. What is that? Yes ,, intellectual asset: MIND.

Many people are asking,

"So, to start an online business, how do I have to start? From where?"

"How can I get passive income?"

To be honest, detailed answer to that questions will require a very long article which, when collected will become a book. But here, I gave an explanation of the four types of businessmen that once described by Jaya Setiabudi (founder of yukbisnis.com). Those have become very important in starting something, because everyone has a characteristic or characters each.

Four Types of Entrepreneurs:

Type 1: Contractor

Types of Entrepreneur | Renew Your Mind
This type is the one that focuses on a plane, proficient and experienced. This type is someone who has the technical capability and at the same time as a business owner (goods or services). This contractor type could also be described as a distributor of goods, he serves as a supplier for those who want to become dropshiper / reseller of goods. This type can also work as manager of services, eg services of writers, social media services, etc.

Type 2: Conceptor

Types of Entrepreneur | Renew Your Mind
This type is a person who has ideas, he's also smart to calculate and see the opportunities that are not seen by common people. This type sometimes feel difficult to do business because of lack of capital, or he prefers to wait for cooperation from other people / partner. The conceptor can also work as consultant, financial planner, or perhaps people who have a business idea but he has not run for it.

Type 3: Investor

Types of Entrepreneur | Renew Your Mind
This type is a person who has the capital to finance a new business which is growing. This type of person can work as part of artist, retiree, professional, or people who may be a great legacy. If you have lots of money, you can try to be of this type, as an investor.

Type 4: Connector

Types of Entrepreneur | Renew Your Mind
This type is a person who has an extensive network. A conceptor type would normally be met by an investor type via this connector type. The connector can work as a part of a company or individual, professional, or a great people in the community.

Now, from those four types, which one are you?

Renew Your Mind!

In the online business, you do not have to be the type of contractor. You do not have to be smart in terms of programing, creating a website, or dealing with social media cases. You do not need them all. You only need to spend money to hire their services (the people who has type as a contractor) and you simply understand the basic concept / knowledge.

On the contrary, if you do not have enough money, then you can become the type of contractor and also concurrently be the type of conceptor who is expert in various things needed in an online business and can read opportunities. For example, you can create a website, create social media campaigns, and sell the goods of others (dropship). You can work with people who have the capital (money).

In business, the important thing is you have to immediately start with no more reason. Do not say "I can not", but say, "I can do it, I'll start right now". All can be done if we are looking for reasonable solutions, and advanced without hesitation.

Well, now you understand why you have to realize and understand that you can do because you have the intellectual asset: MIND. Therefore, do your best. Renew your mind! (Zulfadhli Ashari, Internet Marketers & Instructional Design)

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