Business Leadership | Enforce The System (Part 2)

I thank God for my previous article (read: Enforce the System Part 1) which got incredible reaction from readers in my facebook fanpage. I see the commonality of reacting. As:
- “So it's important to be fussy to the team?”
- “Is there any other way than that?”
- “Um, I'm so close with the team, I did not have the heart to be fussy to them.”
- “Oh no, if they were being treated like that, I'm afraid they fled.”

In the equation, I will explain some of my thoughts that might be able to answer those questions.

Business Leadership | Enforce The System

1. The treatment of the human resources in the realm of SMEs can not be equated with the human resources within large companies.

My writings about enforce the systems is very identical to the problems of SMEs. But in large companies, they are able to select the best people. That's because the desire work in large companies is high, so that a large company often get the seeds of qualified human resources. Because many people are applying for, the more people that can be selected, then the companies find it easier to get quality human resources. They are HR of the best college graduates, the best value, which is responsible and has a high awareness to work by following the system.

In his article of management, Yodhia Antariksa mentioned that SMEs have always entered less qualified human resources. I am sad to hear this. I'm not trying to say that in the realm of human resources SMEs are not responsible, but an SME owners need to spend energy to educate their character. Because that is the reality, we can not just expect them to be aware of the system and responsibility. We need a long process to make them aware, because they have different capacities compared with large corporate HR have.

So, being “fussy” and continually educating is one road that must be taken seriously. It’s a must.

Business Leadership | Enforce The System

2. Fussy is not necessarily evil. Sweet is not necessarily better.

When you are fussy and constantly control your team, it does not mean you are evil. Imagine if you were mushy and let your team repeated negligence, it means that you allow them to always make mistakes, and they are going to be nothing.

Let's think, what if an HR work casually without strictly control for 5 years, it would be a bad character. Casual work; accustomed to late; often work incompletely and other bad attitudes, flabbiness in yourself indirectly shape the character of your people poorly.

Unlike when you are led seriously, mean you are responsible for forming them. I am sure, the human resources who are hard educated will be highly recommended person / team. We must make our organization as a place to establish highly recommended human resources.

Business Leadership | Enforce The System

3. A person shall not be greater than the business organization.

There is concern that people would go away if he / they were given too much pressure. There is worry about those people will be running, and you're having trouble finding the HR again.

Seeing the above statement, I am afraid you are bound by your great people. In business, organization must be greater than the personal. There should be no one who became the foundation of business operations. There should be no "superman", but only "superteam".

For example, there is a great man who did not want to follow the rules, do not want to be given explanation, do not follow the standard operation, but he was great (at sales or marketing). In my opinion, if his “mischief” was indeed hampering the organization, this person must be fostered. No one shackled.

Business Leadership | Enforce The System

4. Being fussy and harsh is proof that we are responsible for the market.

There must be a reason for doing this. We have a great desire to provide the best offerings for customers. That is the spirit that we must uphold.

Being fussy to the team in service, in the speed of delivery, in the production of detail, etc.. It is all our efforts to bring the best team management. And in reality, a worker in a team should be aware of this, that the presence in the organization is to help the organization achieve its objectives.

Business Leadership | Enforce The System

5. Ethics in being fussy.

There are ethics for that, but it’s simple. Express what you feel and complain to the SDM with the best expression, and don’t forget, always focus on the problem. No need to bring up his past mistakes. No need to say rude, like the word "stupid" and other swear words. No need to speak in a high voice, and rebuke. Do it in a way that simple. Like:

"Why you have not contacted this client until Tuesday, even though I already wrote a memo on Friday, do you have trouble, Bro?"

"Jhon, have you put our new ad in that newspaper?"

"Sarah, this product is defective, but why escapes. Next time pay attention to the quality control, because if something like this passes to the market, it will make us ashamed, get it?"

Tell those words to the HR with a relaxed way, but still firm.

Hopefully this article is beneficial for you who have teams in the business. -Rendy Saputra

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