Family Business and The Benefits

I usually write articles for businessmen such as 3 Substantial Stages to Develop Business Properly, Highly Employee Engagement, etc. This time I want to write an article for you who are planning a career and finding a great way. Hopefully it can be useful.

Many people have asked me why I chose KeKe Group (my company) to serve. I have an emotional answer and a rational one too.

My emotional answer is simple: because of my father (named Farid) and my mother (named Tika). Both of them have believed me for long time before anyone else believed in my capacity. They are a parental figure who patiently taught me who are unstable and too passionate. But we did not discuss it today. it's too personal.

On this occasion, I will answer with a more rational answers. Here they are:

Family Business and The Benefits

1. The family business (SME or large scale) is a tool for learning.

Many people who say that family firm does not have a good system, and it was used as a negative issue for some friends who want a career in it. Some young men have dreamed of a big company with a system that has been neat, but it could end badly.

System which is not good actually is a means to learn. A family business that is still relatively begin / build will give you access to an incredible learning. You can learn a lot of things. You can learn the whole process. In fact, you can see how a system is created.

If you join a large company, then you will do very specific things and monotonous continuously. Sorry if this offends you, but this is not good for personal development.

In family business, you have to struggle to do many things. Many people think that this kind of system is bad for young human resources, whereas the opposite, this is good for learning. In family business, you can learn about the production, finance, marketing, selling method, until the development of culture. All you can reach.

Family Business and The Benefits

2. In a family business, you can quickly get the highest position, right below the owner. It is a strategic point to establish and build character.

In large enterprises which consist of hundreds or thousands of people, you would not be able to access or face the owner directly. But in a family company that is growing, you will most likely be able to access him. The definition of this family company does not mean that all the workers are from family members, but the ownership of the company still rely on family and indeed several members of the family involved.

Jack Ma advised:
10 to 20 years old, be a good student.
20 to 30 years, follow the right boss who will teach you about the spirit, hard work and perseverance.
30 to 40 years, think about yourself, think about entrepreneurship, do a lot of things.
40 to 50 years, focus on one area, and be great in it.
50 to 60 years, invest your wealth to young people, they are capable to do better.
60 years and over, remove yourself from the working routine.

Well, for you who want to be a young big figure, choosing a career in the family firm / business is a good option to establish and build your character. I did a business, but I did not have character while doing it. So I chose to take part in Keke Group for the formation of my character. My present is the result of hard training by the owner of KeKe Group.

Family Business and The Benefits

3. Families business has systems which sometimes are flexible, but this is actually a strength. 

When we talk about the system, then we are talking about flexibility or not. In company with an established system, the bureaucracy sometimes makes it hampered in terms of action. Unlike the family company is still dynamic and fast moving. Fluidity becomes a force to beat the big ones.

I had an experience, in KeKe, some decisions can be taken very fast. We have digital coordination patterns. We acknowledge with WhatsApp approval. I implement a paperless system. If we decided a thing that day, all teams can do its execution directly . As long as the approval refers to the procedure, the funds can be directly taken. Easy, quick, agile.

But the company with an established system is different from a family company which “being stiff” inexplicably. it's a true story. The management movement became static. The ideas became weaker. Marketing movement suddenly slowed down. I've heard that It’s because the company is applying strict discipline in the system of the financial mechanism. That is good. That's okay, though. Maybe this has something to do with the owner who wants to reduce the budget expenditures and maintain cost. But if it become so rigid and not agile, I think it is problematic.

Family Business and The Benefits

4. The speed of career which is not owned by a big company. This is specifically for down-to-middle family business scale. 

In SMEs company, it may consist only a dozen people, or perhaps less than that. But this is the place you can get your opportunity to be in the highest position, right below the owner. When company grow, your career also raise. Because you are the first generation in the family business. And it will happen on the condition that you are able to meet the challenge of the organization: your capacity must increase too.

It will be different if you are present at a company that has been packed with human resource. Even for getting higher position, you may have to wait for the seniors go alternately so that you can achieve a certain career position.

The rapid growth of the company also gives you the opportunity to easily grow. This is because its market is not saturated. You can still grow 100% to 200%, as is the case in Allure Green Tea Company. The owner is still 30 years old, very young for being an owner of a company. It’s crazy, right? It's what we called “small company with big room to grow”. And this is a good career opportunity.

Family Business and The Benefits

5. It's about dedication to build SMEs.

If all of great young people flee to large companies, who will raise SMEs? If they just want to work in a multinational company, who will struggle to raise family companies that have the potential to grow? If they just want to work in a prestigious foreign companies, who will build national family companies that are still small?

For me, it's about the dedication of the nation to the country. Do not just talk patriotism but you do not want to help many small companies in your country to grow great.

This article is for you who are choosing the path of devotion. It's just a suggestion, be the engine in a car, rather than being a screw in a plane. My thought in this article could be right and wrong. It’s just the opinion. You take the action. -Rendy Saputra

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