Consumer Behavior

The more you understand how market / consumers behave, the easier will be you to get into. The more you understand the character and behavior of buyers, the easier will be you to offer and sell your product. The more you realize how lifestyle the customers does, the easier will be you to sell products to them. And your product is certainly salable.

This was the impetus for my current writing. I chose to write about consumer behavior. Since this is a critical point which a businessman tested. If he understands consumer behavior, then the business will speed up. And if he does not understand, the business will decline.

There are some stories about business trends in Indonesia lately. Let’s take a look.

Consumer Behavior

In cinema / movie.

A famous Production House (PH), was selecting the genre of horror films (which added sexual and humor elements) as a reference for production. Dozens of such horror movies had graced their portfolios. That's his style from the beginning. But two years ago, the PH changed the course of the movie genre. The Flow of the movie was turned into a movie which based on religious beliefs. There were already four movies that had entered Top Box Office.

There is a radical change: from producing “obscene” movies and then totally turned toward positive-Islamic movie. Great!

Is the PH repent? Of course we should have a good suspect. But the most logical reason is not that, but rather this: because there is a change of consumer behavior. Indonesian market is changing. Which part is changing?

Hijaber (awareness of Muslim women to improve their selves in terms of clothing: wearing hijab / veils / head scarf) become a trend as well as many digital islamic advertising which are rapidly happening in Indonesia makes the middle class there began to dislike horror movie genre, moreover which contain sex appeal. There is a change of attitude of the consumers. They tend to choose movies that significantly positive (religious) rather than such humor or sex appeal.

Consumer Behavior

In fast food.

Whether it is still one group or not, Pizza Hut in Indonesia also then establish a new business unit called Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD). PHD then entered the housing complexes. With a two-floor shop space, PHD magically transformed into a kitchen for the presence of fast-food pizza. With global tag line "comes in 30 minutes" advertising display (billboard)  along the side of the highway. They also prepared motorcycles as their delivery transportation services. We know that a motorcycle can be more agile in along the highway (solution for traffic jam).

Pizza Hut aware of changing market attitude: some people consider dine at the store is complicated and not a simple way, difficult for people to spend eight slices of pizza, and the laziness to come to the pizza outlet / store. PHD then presented to answer all of these problems.

PHD also began to focus on two things: cheap price, and small portion (enough for one meal). They also use a simple packaging. PHD really intended to serve a new attitude on the market: quick serving. Yet if we look at Pizza Hut before, then certainly different. Pizza Hut stored wide outlet because the business model was dine in. But if you go to PHD, you only find simple table and chairs. Even if you eat there, you will get plastic presentational. Because PHD has a concept: not to have a meal on the spot.

Consumer Behavior

Instant noodle.

The past advertising concept of Indomie (most famous instant noodles brand in Indonesia) was “family”. The ad visualized a complete family (parent with children). The scene was a father who just woke up early in the morning, the mother who is cooking the noodles, and their children were ready to have breakfast. The ad was placed massively and radically almost in all local television stations.

Nowadays, Indomie ad shows Al (a recent famous celebrity, the son of famous musician in Indonesia: Ahmad Dhani). Al is a handsome teenager and become the idol of every woman. Al is then turned into an icon of Indomie: cool young man who chooses to eat Indomie. And somehow, Indomie feels very tasty and cool together with Al.

There is a change in attitude that has been read by Indofood. The market of olden mothers have been already loyal to the Indomie, but the market of modern / todays mothers and funky kid are untouched. Indofood (company owner of Indomie) then looked for a figure favored by this segment: Al.

Indofood also tried to read the habit of this segment, the pattern of their behavior habits (the teenagers) also imitated. Thus, an earphone mounted on Al’s neck. A shirt also worn by him in the ad scene, showing him cooking Indomie alone in the kitchen. This ad will bring the fantasy of a teenager life (in boarding / apartment / dorm). Eating noodles alone is kind of miserable, but still looks cool as long as he cooks Indomie the way Al does. More or less, the ad tries to say that.

That's the magic of consumer behavior. If you are smart to “read”, then you can quickly master it. Please read Consumer Behavior Part 2: Egalitarian Market.

By the way, let’s have a bowl of Indomie :)

-Rendy Saputra

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